About Us

The Paul Lazarus Foundation was founded by the Active Museum Spiegelgasse for German-Jewish History in Wiesbaden (AMS), Germany; in October 2010 – with Karlheinz Schneider as trustee.

In the two decades of its existence, the AMS has not only committed itself to reappraising the Holocaust and the commemoration of its victims, but has also developed an extensive and expanding archive of Wiesbaden’s German-Jewish history, and that of its surroundings. Close contacts and relations with Jewish emigrants who had once been citizens of Wiesbaden, or with their descendants, led to bequests to the AMS of documents and entire estates dealing with Jewish history – including unique documents illustrating Jewish life even beyond the city’s limits.
The Paul Lazarus Foundation was created to make these bequests and collections accessible to the public at large and to further historical research. It was named after the last rabbi of the Liberal Jewish Community of Wiesbaden prior to 1945.

Besides restoring and preserving these testimonies of German-Jewish life, the Foundation, first of all engages in and encourages research on these historical documents. For this purpose it brings various perspectives to bear, some of them innovative, in exploring the various aspects of Jewish life in Germany.

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