The Database

In the course of its more than twenty year history, the AMS accumulated a great number of documents – including originals (such as marriage and birth certificates) and collections related to its subject, as well as texts gathered from state, city and church archives. The Paul Lazarus Foundation database will make these documents available to researchers.
At the present time, a genealogy (TNG database) of Jewish citizens of Wiesbaden and the region is being developed. This extensive collection of pictures and documents is being linked to individual persons. In addition, the TNG database depicts complete genealogical family trees – some trace their origins back to the 17th century. The genealogy is continually being updated and enlarged by new findings. At present, in 2011, it contains 11.000 entries.

Along with the TNG databank, an inventory is underway of the estates, classified according to specific subjects and themes. Constructing this second databank may take about two years. That is why only a general overview of theses estates and collections is currently available on our website.

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