Shoah Victims from Wiesbaden

The AMS, in cooperation with the Wiesbaden City Archives, is attempting to trace all of Wiesbaden’s Jews. In 1933 about 3000 Jewish citizens lived in Wiesbaden. By now more than 1500 men, women and children, who were murdered in the Shoah have been identified. Their names appear on the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Wiesbaden.

This Memorial is situated on a site known as Michelsberg – the same place where the splendid synagogue of Wiesbaden’s Liberal Jewish Community, destroyed in 1938, once stood. In 1992, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the deportation of the last Jews from Wiesbaden, 3,000 citizens organized a silent march through the city to the site of the deportations, demanding that a memorial be erected. After many years of controversy about the need for, and the form of, a public memorial bearing the names of the victims, Wiesbaden’s city authorities finally decided to erect it. The Memorial was inaugurated, at long last, in January, 2011.

Commemorating the names of Shoah victims is an ongoing project, which was not completed with the erection of the Memorial. The spaces left open indicate, symbolically, that names are still missing, and that they will be added in the future. Here is an up to date list of Shoah victims from Wiesbaden – Jewish men, women and children who were either born in Wiesbaden or lived in the city and were murdered by the Nazi regime.

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