Research – Aims and Subjects

The aims of the Paul Lazarus Foundation are to analyse the materials and the estates/bequests held in the archives that deal with the history of the Jews in the Rhein-Main area. An important tool for this is the genealogy database, which allows us to collect and manage person related data. In addition, the Foundation is generally concerned with the history and culture of German Jews from early modern times to the present.

  1. The Database
    In the course of its more than twenty year history, the AMS accumulated a great number of documents – including originals (such as marriage and birth certificates) and collections related to its subject, as well as texts gathered from state, city and church archives. Read more …
  2. Shoah Victims from Wiesbaden
    The AMS, in cooperation with the Wiesbaden City Archives, is attempting to trace all of Wiesbaden’s Jews. In 1933 about 3000 Jewish citizens lived in Wiesbaden. By now more than 1500 men, women and children, who were murdered in the Shoah have been identified. Read more …
  3. Further Reserach
    Here you find all areas of research we work in. Read more …

See the Stiftungs-Flyer for additional information about research and publications dealing with German-Jewish history in Wiesbaden and the entire Rhein-Main region.

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