Synagogen – Badehaus – Hofreite: Jüdische Bauten in Wiesbaden

Rolf Faber / Wolfgang Fritsche: Synagogen - Badehaus - HofreiteVon Rolf Faber und Wolfgang Fritzsche

ISBN 978-3-8442-4537-0
Softcover: 12,00 €

Volume II of the Paul Lazarus Foundation publications is dedicated to the history of Jewish building projects in Wiesbaden, a history that provides new insights into Jewish communal life. It informs us about the intentions and expectations of the building owners as well as about the conditions and constraints of the municipal construction authorities. Volume II presents three examples from a long Jewish building history.
Rolf Faber describes the four synagogues which were built in Wiesbaden prior to Jewish emancipation. Those synagogues were often not part of Wiesbaden’s cityscape. They were hidden in backyards, and their buildings were sometimes ramshackle.
Wolfgang Fritzsche paints the multifaceted picture of the Spiegelgasse 9 and 11 building complex that was located in Wiesbaden’s Jewish Quarter during the 18th and 19th centuries. Spiegelgasse 9 was for a long time Wiesbaden’s most famous Jewish bathhouse [Zum Rebhuhn]. It had a series of Jewish owners until it was bought by a Christian who renamed it Pariser Hof. Today the Paul Lazarus Foundation is located in that building.
Fritzsche’s second article describes the discovery in a stable of a genisa belonging to a Jewish merchant in Wiesbaden-Delkenheim. Friztsche sets his account of this discovery in the context of the Jewish history of Delkeheim, which in the 19th century was a village a few kilometers from Wiesbaden.

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