Trude Simonsohn tells of her life:

“Trude, don’t give up. Hitler will rot and you shall survive!”

Recorded on one CD
Duration: 74:05 Min.
Booklet: 24 pages
Recommended price: € 15.00
ISBN 978-3-941289-00-0

Trude Simonsohn was born in Olmnetz, Czechoslovakia. She grew up speaking two languages in a liberal Zionistically oriented home, and became involved in Zionist youth activities with the aim of working in a kibbutz in Palestine. When the Germans marched into Prague on March 15, 1939, she was 18. She left the German high school in Olmnetz and began working on a farm. In June 1942, she was arrested and a few months later deported to Theresienstadt, where she took care of the children.
In 1944, Trude Simonsohn was sent to Auschwitz. In March 1945, she was liberated from the Merzdorf/Silesia concentration camp. She then worked in Prague until March 1946 and that year went to Switzerland. Trude Simonsohn has lived in Germany since 1950 – first in Hamburg, and since 1955 in Frankfurt, where she became active in the Jewish Community, serving as its chairwoman from 1989 to 1992. Today she continues her involvement in many organizations and activities. She appears before school groups as a tireless witness to her time. Her explicit aim is to transmit to youngsters the need to act today and to accept responsibility for the future.

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