Salomea Genin tells of her life

Salomea Genin talks about her life
“I get to the GDR as a communist – and found back to my Jewish basics.”

Recorded on 2 CD’s
Duration: 138 Min.
Booklet: 32 pages
Recommended price: € 19.50
ISBN 978-3-942902-04-5

Salomea Genin was born in Berlin in 1932 to Jewish parents. Her mother immigrated with her three children to Australia in 1938. When she was 12, Salomea joined the Communist Youth Movement and at 17 she joined the Australian Communist Party. Following a visit to East Berlin in 1951, she decided to live in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). She applied to immigrate and for a GDR work permit but received no reply. She therefore moved to London, and in 1958 to West Berlin, where she was recruited by the East German Secret Service. She moved to East Berlin in 1963 and in 1965 became a member of the Communist Party (SED). She worked as a secretary, and then as a journalist and a translator. Her conception of socialism increasingly diverged from the reality of socialism in the GDR. In 1968 she was tried by the communist authorities for ideological shortcomings. In 1972 she began studying philosophy at the Humboldt University. She became a member of the Jewish Community of East Berlin. She left the Communist Party (SED) in 1989.

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