Rolf von Sydow tells of his life:

“I wanted to be named Hitler’s Honorary Aryan.”

Recorded on one CD
Duration: 52:55 Min.
Booklet: 32 pages
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ISBN 978-3-942902-02-1

Rolf von Sydow was born in Wiesbaden in 1924. As was proper for a member of an aristocratic family, a bespoke uniform was ordered for him when he was six. He was an enthusiastic member of the Hitler Youth / Hitler Jugend; his future seemed predestined.

At 11, everything suddenly changed. According to the Nürenberg Laws, he was a second-degree half-caste. Actually, his Jewish grandparents had converted to Christianity, but this did not matter to the racist ideology of the Nazis This discovery came as a shock to young Rolf; in reaction he suffered asthma attacks. Later he was excluded from the Hitler Youth. However, he adhered to his life’s plan: “I’ll show everybody.” He reported to the Wehrmacht and, until his non-Aryan ancestry was discovered, was decorated repeatedly for his combat actions. Threatened by degradation and arrest, he surrendered to the Canadians who took him to prison.

After his imprisonment and the war’s end, he went to Berlin. He began a career as film and television director and witnessed the changes that occurred in his profession during recent decades. He directed 135 films and TV-plays.

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