Klaus Traube tells about his life:

„The past I still remember is no longer painful.“

Klaus TraubeAudio Snippet in German

Recorded on one CD

Duration: 75:18 minutes

Booklet: 36 pages

Recommended price: € 15, 00

ISBN 978-3-942902-08-3

Klaus Traube was born in Hannover in 1920 to a Jewish father and Protestant mother. His father committed suicide to escape the Nazi atrocities. Klaus Traube was forced to leave school in 1944, arrested and sent to a forced-labor camp. After WWII ended he studied physics and in 1959 began a career in the nuclear power industry.
In the 1970s Traube moved into a managerial position and became responsible for the construction of Germany’s first fast breeder reactor at Kalkar. Atomic energy was then considered a way to insure a clean energy future. Because Traube had links to left-wing student movements he had been under surveillance by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BVS). When this was revealed, criticism of the Federal Republic for its first eavesdropping affair after WWII led to the resignation of the Federal Minister of the Interior. Traube became an opponent of the nuclear power industry and a hero to the German anti-nuclear-power movement during that period. Years later he joined the Social-Democratic Party.

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