Eugen Herman-Friede tells about his life

“I was no resistance fighter. I was glad to do something against the Nazis”

Recorded on 2 CDs
Duration: 108 Min.
Booklet: 28 pages
Recommended price: € 19.50
ISBN: 978-3-942902-05-2

Eugen Herman-Friede was born to Jewish parents in Berlin in 1926. In 1943, to escape Nazi persecutions, he went undercover in Luckenwalde near Berlin. A group of people helped hide fleeing Jews.

Again and again Eugen Herman-Friede reverts to his Berlin dialect and the humor which accompanies it as he talks about his life and the time he spent in the underground. With a 17 year-old’s love of adventure, he participated in the founding and activities of a resistance group of about 40 people, called “Gemeinschaft für Frieden und Aufbau” (Community for Peace and Reconstruction), Jews and non-Jews, Communists and members of the Nazi Party. The group was discovered and he and his parents were arrested in December, 1944. Until freed in April, 1945, he was held in police prisons and Gestapo cellars. He later joined the German Communist Party until he was again arrested, for no reason in the Soviet-Occupation Zone.

In 1948, he went to West Berlin with his wife and, in 1952, to Granada. In 1956 the couple returned to Germany and he began working in the textile industry. In 1970 he accepted an offer to join an investment firm and became directly involved in one of the first financial scandals in Germany. His meeting with some former Nazi members in 1980 induced him to write about his time in the resistance in his book “Abgetaucht. Als U-Boot im Widerstand” (“Submerged! Under-Cover Agent for the Resistance”).


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