Arno Lustiger tells of his life:

“I’ve been lucky all my life”

Recorded on one CD
Duration: 73:24 Min.
Booklet: 20 pages
Recommended price: € 15.00
ISBN 978-3-941289-01-7

Arno Lustiger was born in Bedzin, Polish Upper-Silesia, in 1924. There he went to the Jewish high school until 1939 and became a member of various Jewish youth organisations and finally the Zionist scout movement. At the beginning of the war, he was sent as a forced laborer to an armament factory and beginning in 1943 was interned in several concentration camps. He survived two death marches in January and April 1945. After escaping, he served voluntarily as an interpreter in the American army. From 1945 till 1948, he lived in the DP-camp of Frankfurt-Zeilsheim with his mother and three sisters, who had survived the concentration camp. There he became editor of the Yiddish newspaper “Unterwegs”, the voice of displaced persons in the German state of Hessen. Arno Lustiger has been is a member of the Jewish Community of Frankfurt since 1948, playing an active role in reestablishing and developing it. In 1951, he became co-founder of the Zionist Organisation in Germany, and was its chairman for many years. Since the early 50s, he has dedicated himself completely to research on the antifascist resistance in Eastern and Western Europe. From 2004-2006, he was a visiting professor at the Fritz Bauer Institute of Frankfurt.

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