Paul Lazarus Foundation Publications

Edition Zeugen einer Zeit (audio-books)

At present, this is the Foundation’s principal project, sponsored by the German Federal Government. The project portrays survivors of the Holocaust and resistance fighters. Read more …

Available publications

Rolf Faber / Wolfgang Fritsche: Synagogen - Badehaus - Hofreite

Our second publication „Synagogen – Badehaus – Hofreite: Jüdische Bauten in Wiesbaden“ is since March on on sale. (ISBN 978-3-8442-4537-0).

Extract: Volume II of the Paul Lazarus Foundation publications is dedicated to the history of Jewish building projects in Wiesbaden, a history that provides new insights into Jewish communal life. It informs us about the intentions and expectations of the building owners as well as about the conditions and constraints of the municipal construction authorities. Volume II presents three examples from a long Jewish building history.→ read more

Der Krieg von Innen [The War From Within], Sophie Goetzel-Leviathan – on sale since December 2011
ISBN 978-3-942902-03-8

Studies dealing with the following subjects are now in process.

  • Volume III of the Foundation’s publications will present the speeches and lectures on the occasion of Arno Lustiger’s Jahrzeit which took place on Mai 8th 2013
  • Volume-IV will address the share Jews took in Wiesbaden’s cure-business (1635-1935)