Sally Grosshut Collection

Sally Friedrich Grosshut (born in Wiesbaden on July 16, 1906) and his fiancée Sina Rosenstrauch (born in Tódz on October 26, 1904) immigrated to Palestine in 1933. Grosshut had an antiquarian bookstore there and was also a writer, but had trouble making a living in Palestine. In 1948, the couple, who had married in 1946, went first to Sweden, then to the United States in 1949. Always afraid that his epilepsy would lead to he found employment as an unskilled worker and also wrote essays and newspapers articles. Sally Grosshut died in North Bergen, New Jersey on October 7, 1969.

After the war (1945), Sally Grosshut worked in re-education in a British prisoners’ camp in Egypt (Camp 307, Education Fayid). Material in the collection from that time includes flyers of programs of shows in Camps 307 and 308, the monthly paper of Camp 307. “World Views: Politics-History, Art-Literature”; three runs of Camp 307’s weekly “Tribune”, beginning in 1946, as well as three issues of the “Schlemihl-Blatt für Humor im Kriegsgefangenenlager 307 (“Humorous Schlemihl Papers in Prison Camp 307) – “Tribune” Editions from 1946 and 1947.

The collection also includes numerous articles, reviews and essays published in the daily press from 1930 till 1960; including in the ”Allgemeine Wochenzeitung der Juden in Deutschland”, “Jüdische Wochenschau”, “Der Landbote”, “Tagblatt der Stadt Winterthur”, “Semana Israelita” and “Argentinisches Tagblatt”.

The collection also includes Claims for Restitution by Sina Grosshut based on the Restitution Law for wrongs inflicted by National Socialists (New York, March, 1 1953; the decision by the Chief Administration (Wiesbaden) in the Restitution Claim of Gisela Zwart, Sally Mantel-Grosshut and Francisca Kahn, dated February 28, 1964.)

It also contains correspondence between Sina Grosshut (the widow of Sally Friedrich Grosshut) and Lothar Bembenek beginning in the 1980s concerning Grosshut’s planned book Mosaik eines Lebens (“A Life’s Mosaic”). Sally Grosshut’s manuscript, with the working title of Mein Leben mit Menschen und Affen (My life with men and monkeys) is also part of the collection.

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