Oppenheim / Martin Collection

The correspondence between Stefanie Luise Martin and her stepsons Kurt Martin and Captain Ernst Martin, documents in the collection make apparent Ernst Martin’s futile efforts to obtain the release of his stepmother.

These include Ernst Martin’s plea for clemency addressed to Adolf Hitler on October 27, 1942, beseeching him to release his stepmother, who had been deported to the Hooghalen-Oost Camp (Netherlands), as well as the reply from “the Security Police and the Security Service of the Occupied Zones” to Captain Martin, dated April 9, 1943, denying his request.

The collection also includes a letter from Captain Martin to the commanding officer of Theresianstadt, dated July 10, 1943, requesting information about his stepmother’s address and condition, a letter and several postcards from Stephanie Martin to Ernst Martin from Theresienstadt in 1943 and 1944, and a telegram addressed to Captain Martin dated August 2, 1943, refusing him permission to speak with his stepmother. This telegram was signed by SS First Lieutenant Burgel.

There are drawings, in pencil and ink, which were probably done in Theresienstadt, depicting the camp. Even though her stepsons’ efforts to free her had been in vain, Stephanie Martin, née Oppenheimer and called Oppi, survived the camp. After the war she lived in the Allgäu, an area in Southern Germany.

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