Mathilde Hofer Bequest

Mathilde Hofer, who was Jewish and had been born in Vienna, married the well-known Expressionist painter Karl Hofer in 1903. She renounced her own career as a singer in favor of her marriage and her two sons, Hansrudi and Carlino. The couple divorced in 1938. In 1942 Mathilde Hofer was taken to the police prison of Wiesbaden where she lived. She died on November 12, 1942 in Auschwitz. Her heirs left her entire estate containing many original documents to the Active Museum. Among the documents are:

  • A large collection of more than 450 letters between Mathilde and Karl Hofer as well as a hand-written letter to her sons with her last will;

  • Family documents, among them birth, marriage and divorce certificates;

  • A life-size bronze statue of Mathilde Hofer by Karl Albiker (about 1927/28) – a second casting of the statue is in the Ettlingen Hofer Museum;

  • 150 photos of Mathilde Hofer and her family as well as a photo album of her sons and another album with pictures which has not yet been identified.

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