Estates, Bequests and Collections

The following is an overview of the fully and partially digitalized bequests and collections section:

Private Genizah

The discovery of documents dating back to the late 18th century, hidden under the shingles of a roof, this genizah consists of 115 documents in Yiddish and German. It also includes several notebooks. This find helped reconstruct a family history nearly 200 years old. →see more

Isaac Feist of Nordenstadt Collection

45 documents relating to the Jewish trader Isaac Feist from 1802 through 1832 in German-Yiddish or German. →see more

Marianne and Leon Kahn Bequest

Documents concerning this Jewish couple dating from World War I and the National Socialism period. →see more

Rabbi Dr. Leo Kahn Bequest

Leo Kahn had been the Rabbi of the Neo-Orthodox Community of Wiesbaden. In 1878 he managed to obtain legal recognition for the creation of the first neo-orthodox community in Germany. →see more

Paul Lazarus Library

Except the rabbinical books the Foundation owns the entire library of Paul Lazarus, the last liberal rabbi of the Jewish Community of Wiesbaden. →see more

Collection dealing with Eastern-European Jewish Life in Wiesbaden

This large collection of texts, photographs and documents is based on research into the Eastern-European Jewish background of Jews of Wiesbaden – within and outside of the Westend neighborhood – from the 19th century on. →see more

Jewish Cemeteries

The collection includes plans and tombstones inscriptions from several Jewish cemeteries in Wiesbaden. →see more<

Photo Collection

This collection provides an insight into many aspects of Jewish life in Wiesbaden. It also includes photos of the deportation of Jewish men and women in September, 1942. →see more

Documentation of Jewish Families of Wiesbaden

Included are documents which illustrated Jewish life and the history of individual families as well as goodbye-letters from parents to their children prior to deportations or arrests. →see more

Mathilde Hofer Bequest

For each documents exists a word-document; most of the documents are contextualized. The Hofer request is ready for further historical research. →see more

Sally Grosshut Bequest

It consists in part of correspondence of Sally Grosshut – from 1930 till 1960 – as well as of articles, reviews, essays and documents concerning applications for restitution. →see more

Rudolf Schildkraut / Meier Collection

This contains part of the estate of Karl-Heinz Meier who planned to write a dissertation on Rudolf Maximilian Schildkraut, the actor. It includes photos of the actor in various costumes and roles, contemporary newspaper articles, correspondence with archives as well as handwritten notes and portions of the dissertation Meier had begun. →see more

Kleinstrass / Kerster Collection

The correspondence between Paul Ludwig Kleinstrass, who immigrated to Sweden in January, 1939, and his relatives, who stayed behind and were deported in 1942. →see more

Oppenheim / Martin Collection

The correspondence between Stefanie Luise Martin, née Oppenheim, who had been interned in the Transit Concentration Camp of Westerbork Hooghalen-Oost in the Netherlands, and later in Theresienstadt, and her non-Jewish stepsons. →see more

Hai Frankl Bequest

The entire correspondence is reprocessed and its content has been historically contextualized; for each handwritten letter exists a word-document. This request can be given to further historical research and analysis. →see more

The bequest of Dr. Paul Lazarus

The bequest of Wiesbaden’s last liberal rabbi (1919-1939) is located in the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem. In the spring of 2013 copies of most of the documents in the bequest were provided to the Paul Lazarus Foundation and made available for research. →see more

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